Why do you want to invest with us?

With our profit return, more than 100% of your principal investment. It's a simple question of why not to invest.

What do we do with your funds?

We invest it in one of the best and always growing industry commonly known as “Information technology". We built B2B digital products which then gets sold to companies like Google, Apple. Amazon and another recognizable names.

Which company did you sell a product to last and what was it?

Last product we sold to Google was in 2015. It was a Live translation module that augments translation on the projected image with same font face and colors.

How many active investors do you have at the moment and what are their payment plans?

List of our active investors can be found on the following link :

What will happen to my principal amount after my contract is completed?

Once a contract is successfully completed, you will have two options to cash out your principal amount:

  1. The pool you invested in either gets you 20% of that total profit that may or not may be the matching figure at your invested amount.
  2. You choose to get your principal amount fix and want the same figure as invested.

(Based on your final payout preference your monthly % is calculated. Therefore, its decided at the time or initiation.)


Here are our monthly profit options:

with minimum Investment of 1 Million PKR.

Amount Term Investment Monthly Profit Return
upto 5 Million PKR & above 12 Months Fixed/Flexible 2.5% Static/20%

What security measures are on your end to make the investment amount secure?

A Legal document will be prepared on which everything will be drafted. A security cheque af Bank AL Habib of the invested amount shall be giving to the investor in an open date.

What are the chances of the loss in this investment?

0% loss is guaranteed as the last portfolio we rolled overseas was over 6 MILLION USD. So, we know what we are doing.

Is your firm registered in Pakistan or its a personal entity?

At this point our firm is a registered via personal entity having CNIC # 35202 4709185-3, NTN # 7241318-8“, once we have an enough line of investors and a portfolio that reaches a viable threshold that we have rolled, we are planning to get privatized. But for now, your investment will be managed by a personal entity.

Where is your office located and how can I get in touch?

Our office address is 506—A Fifth Floor, Siddique Trade Centre, Gulberg, Lahore. 'Timings: 10:30 am till 10:30 pm Monday to Friday. No need to schedule an appointment just walk right in, our doors are open. For further details and get to know us a bit better please call 0321 841 5162 and ask for Syed Faisal Shah.